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Book Your Ticket

Ticket price is $150 per alumni, $100 for undergraduate students

Last date to purchase a ticket is April 22nd

For alternative payment methods such as Check, Wire Transfer, or Cryptocurrencies; please text or voicemail Epsilon Zeta Treasurer Misha Houy at 909-706-0889 to make arrangements.

Please select your payment type below.

EZ Zelle Payment.JPG

Where does your money go? All ticket proceeds are donations to the Epsilon Zeta Alumni Association (EZAA), a 501(c)(7) nonprofit focused on providing membership benefits and supporting the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity. Most importantly- it directly supports the reactivation of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter at Cal Poly Humboldt, which will be Chi Phi's 3rd active chapter in the State. EZAA strives to promote friendship, brotherhood, and the core values of the Chi Phi Fraternity among alumni through various events and opportunities. We thank you for supporting our Mission! 

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