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The Chi Phi Epsilon Zeta Alumni Association of Cal Poly Humboldt, affectionately known as the 'Unicorn Chapter.' Our roots trace back to 1984, originally blossoming from a humble hunting club at Humboldt State University. Today, we stand as a proud chapter of the oldest men's fraternity, Chi Phi, rich in heritage and tradition. Officially chartered in 1987, we embody the values that Chi Phi upholds – Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity.

As a chapter aligned with the founding principles of Chi Phi, we believe in the strength of Brotherhood. Our bond is more than a mere connection; it is a pledge of chivalrous behavior, a commitment to each other's growth, and a promise to uphold the integrity that Chi Phi has maintained since its triple origin. Our brotherhood extends beyond the college years, forging leaders, scholars, innovators, and gentlemen who carry the lessons learned into their contributions to society.

With over 300 initiated brothers, the Epsilon Zeta Chapter is a testament to the enduring legacy of Chi Phi. We are a California State and Federally recognized non-profit (EIN: 85-1499311), committed to building better men through our lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development. Our vision is to inspire young men to be productive participants in society through a lifetime of leadership and service.

Above all, the Epsilon Zeta Chapter is a home-away-from-home. It is where the hand of Brotherhood is forever extended, where congenial minds unite to form the backbone of our Fraternity. We stand firm in our belief in the future of Chi Phi Fraternity because we believe in the power of our collective effort and the strength of our brotherhood.

In our pursuit of continual existence, we strive to better ourselves through the teachings of our Fraternity. To be more aware citizens, more able individuals, and stronger Chi Phi brothers shall be our perpetual reward.

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